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How to Flash Honor 8X Stock Firmware – All Firmwares

Honor 8X Stock Firmware

if you have a Huawei Device, You can flash Honor 8X Stock firmware to upgrade or downgrade your Huawei smartphone, or if you want to repair your Honor 8X if it is stuck on Huawei logo, Boot Screen, or stuck in bootloop… or you don’t receive the OTA update for any reason.

Honor 8X is also powered by Octa-core 4×2.2 GHz & 4×1.7 GHz Hisilicon Kirin 710 chipset, the device has 4/6 GB RAM and 64/128 GB ROM, up to 400 GB via microSD. Honor 8X comes with 16 MP in front & Dual camera:20 MP + 2 MP in back.

Honor 8X offers a 5.8-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, The Honor 8X Run EMUI 8.2 based on Android 8.1 Oreo, and comes in 4 Colors (Black, Blue, Red, Pink). and powered by a Non-removable Li-Po 3750 mAh battery. The Honor 8X Price will be about 250 EURO.

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Download Honor 8X Stock Firmware

Do not use this firmware on any other Huawei devices. this stock Firmware fit only for your Honor 8X device. The ROM file on this page is the official ROM file published by the company:

Build Number Android  Download
JSN-L22C185E2R6P11B179 ( Android 10 FullOTA
JSN-L42-PRELOAD Android 10 OTA
JSN-L42-CUST Android 10 OTA
JSN-L23-PRELOAD Android 10 OTA
JSN-AL00a-PRELOAD Android 10 OTA
JSN-TL00-CUST Android 10 OTA
JSN-L22XC636E1R1P1B281 ( 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C  9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L22 Johnson-L22D 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L42 4Gb 64Gb JSN-L42IC Johnson-L42IC  9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L42 4Gb 64Gb JSN-AL00IC Johnson-AL00IC 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L42 6Gb 64Gb JSN-L42IF Johnson-L42IF 9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L42 6Gb 128Gb JSN-L42IE Johnson-L42IE  9.0 Pie FullOTA
JSN-L23C605E3R1P2B182 (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L23C605E3R1P2B185 ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-L42C675E4B172 ( JSN-L42C675E4R2P1B172 ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-AL10aC00E25B163 ( JSN-TL00aC00E25B163 ( JSN-AL00aC00E25B163 ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-L22C636E2B173 (
JSN-L22C636E2R2P1B173 (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L21C55E3R1P1B162-SP51 (
JSN-L21C55E3R1P1B156-SP3 (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L22C185E3B166-SP51 ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-L21C10E3B166 (
JSN-L21C10E3R1P2B166-SP5 (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L22C185E3R2P1B165-SP52 ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-L22C636E2B156-SP54 (
JSN-L22C636E2R1P1B156-SP54 (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L21C10E3B156-SP5 (
JSN-L21C10E3R1P2B156-SP5 (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L21C10B130 (
JSN-L21C10CUSTC10D1B130 (
8.1 Oreo
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-AL00 Johnson-AL00C 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L21C10B130 (
JSN-L21C10CUSTC10D1B130 (
8.1 Oreo
JSN-L21C10B130 (
JSN-L21C10CUSTC10D1B130 (
8.1 Oreo
JSN-L21C461B130 (
JSN-L21C461CUSTC461D1B130 (
8.1 Oreo
JSN-L22C185B105 (
JSN-L22C185CUSTC185D1B105 (
8.1 Oreo
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L22 Johnson-L22D 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L22 Johnson-L22D 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21D 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L21 Johnson-L21C 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L22 Johnson-L22C 8.1 Oreo FullOTA-MF
JSN-L22C185CUSTC185D002B103 ( 8.1 Oreo
JSN-L23C605CUSTC605D1B133 ( 8.1 Oreo
JSN-L23C605CUSTC605D1B133 ( 8.1 Oreo
JSN-L23C605E1R1P2B131 ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-L23C605E1R1P2B131-log ( 9.0 Pie
JSN-L22C636E1R1P1B132-SP54log (
JSN-L22C636E1R1P1-B132-SP54log (
9.0 Pie
JSN-L21C432E1R1P1B132-log (
JSN-L21C432E1R1P1T8B132 (
9.0 Pie

How To Backup Honor 8X 

Backup all your important data before flashing the Honor 8X Stock Firmware because installing firmware will erase all your data:

  • GO to the Backup app on your home screen.
  • Tab on Backup & Choose the location to which you want to back up your data

  • Choose the data you want to backup. depending on your needs (Contacts, Messaging, Call log, images.videos…)
  • Then touch   Back up to begin the backup.
  • set a password, you can Skip if you don’t want to set a password 
  • After this is complete, tab Next to begin the backup.

How To Restore Honor 8X

  • Go back to the Backup app, & tab on Restore
  • Choose the source of the data to be restored, and touch Next

  • Enter your password you set up early then touch OK
  • Select the data you want to restored and touch Start restoration.
  • Once you choose to restore your back up data
  • You can choose a location to restore backed up data (Contacts, Messaging, Call log, images.videos…)
  • Finally, tab on OK   to finish.
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  1. Подскажите пожалуйста, ищу стоковую прошивку для Honor 8x Jsn-Al00a (C00), может подскажите где ее можно достать.

  2. The thread looks very clear, thank you for that. Much appreciated. However, i would like to know which ROM is the Global or Middle East ROM? and can i flash a Global ROM in a JSN-AL00a? Using SP flash?

    Thank you

  3. Hi… How to change bild number honor 8x jsn_l228. 2.0.103(c636) to (c185)?
    For install firmware that supports Persian language.

  4. Many thanks for your precious effort,
    I have chines version Model: JSN-AL00a and EMUI version is (9.0.1)
    so which ROM I have to chose if i need to rollback to the previous version? is it (JSN-AL00 Johnson-AL00C)??

    and can I download ROM which is not for chines version such Global version and which one the Oreo Global version?? and well it cause problem in future to my device?

    and shall I Unlock Bootloader to be able to downgrade my firmware??

    sorry for the many quires and I hope that you could help me
    looking forward your answer
    Best regards.

  5. Hello.. I just want to make sure.. My honor 8x model is JSN L22 (c636) running on os oreo. I want to update using its official stock rom pie 9.0 JSN-L21C10E3B156-SP5 ( Can i manually update it without unlocking the bootloader and if yes, what method should i use

  6. I bought an Honor 8X Max with a China version, but the German language is also included: ARE-AL00 (C00)

    Is there a global version without these Chinese apps and China Siri? Thank you.

  7. I bought a honor 8x and it’s turned out that it’s a chinese version, i want my devince when be reseted, to have google apps , and look like a global version , does this firmware do that?

  8. Does this have the “bloatware” apps and just stock Android or is it the same set of apps on the honor 8x by default?

  9. I have JSN-ALOOa version chine and emui 8.2.0…. When I try to update to 9.1 it tell me that i have last version… How can i fix it to updat
    … By the way i live in algeria

  10. Hi my friend Youssef. Thks a lot for your dedication to help us out. I have the Chinese emui JSN-TL00
    I am from europe. I need to install a global rom..doesn.t matter US EU..what file shall i download?

  11. Hello There buddy
    I have jsn-l22 (c636E2R2P1) it had oreo originally
    I updated to pie but I want to return it to oreo
    I bought the device from syria
    I can’t find the sane between brackets code for oreo
    So can u guide me which oreo version I should download?

  12. i have >> JSN-AL00a 6/64gb CN-rom.
    i want >> GLOBAL rom that has Android 9 (upgradable to 10) & new latest UI.

    could it be possible to flash?? if do, any good recommendation above choices.

  13. help me! i have jsn-al00a version chipset-miamic20 (00L7) , its say when i update its in latest version? what can i use? for update here

  14. Hi, i did update my JSN-AL00a from using hisuite. it didnt show me the update within the phone, but instantly using hisuite.

    64gb with 4gb of ram.

    Its giving me “loaded another operating system” screen and reboot to erecovery.
    Fastboot/Downloadmode do work.

    huawei multitool tells me it is JSN-L22.

    Bootloader is locked.
    Device was not tied to a google account before the update.

    Please help me, which firmware can i use to unbrick this phone?


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