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Install Google Play Store on Huawei Enjoy 20e

Play Store on Huawei Enjoy 20e

Huawei future devices won’t run the Google apps because Google doesn’t allow it to use Gapps (Youtube, Gmail, Google, Maps, Google assistant…) anymore, but right now there are no problems for Huawei Enjoy 20e devices to access install Google Play Services & Play Store and all Google Services apps like Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail…

Huawei is the biggest smartphone brand. Around the world, Huawei had started their 5G research long before any other companies. For this reason, they have highly superior technology compared to other 5G vendors. This would hurt other US companies. So the US is looking for a way to destroy Huawei. They told all of their US company (Google) to stop supplying Huawei with hardware and software. so Google ban on Huawei future devices including the Huawei Enjoy 20e are affected and will not have access to Google Play Store, as well as other Gapps. The ban will not affect Huawei devices that have already been released and will continue to have access to Google apps.

Google apps are software, their Gapps (Youtube, Gmail, Google, Maps, Google assistant…) is a license that they sell to Huawei to use on their Huawei Enjoy 20e phones. So, according to the ban, it could not allow Huawei Enjoy 20e to use these apps anymore. The result is that Huawei has to accelerate its move to introduce its own Operating System to replace Google’s Android. so Huawei is giving Huawei ‘AppGallery’ which is an alternative to the google play store and consists of more than 45000 Apps, So installing the application won’t be a problem.

By the way, the Google apps are just apps that can be downloaded off the net, so in this article How to Install Google Play Store on your Huawei Enjoy 20e mobile in One-Click.

If looking to Install Google Play Store on your Huawei Enjoy 20e devices then there is a simple guide designed for the Huawei Enjoy 20e users out there. So, follow the guide below and see how to install Playstore in Huawei Enjoy 20e in simple steps.

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How to Install Google Play Services on Huawei Enjoy 20e.

1/ Click on APP Gallery and search for GSpace app then Download and Install the app on your Huawei Enjoy 20e:


2/ Download GSpace 1.0.5 apk with Google Play ICON:

3/ File manager => Huawei Enjoy 20e Phone storage => Download.


4/ Long tap on GSPACE ICON => 4 dots =>Extract to => OK.


5/ YES => GSPACE ICON => Shortcut maker apk.


6/ ALLOW => Install => OPEN.


7/ Go back and Open Gspace app



9/ Go back to file => play gspace shortcut => Shortcut maker => ALWAYS.

Play Store on Huawei Enjoy 20e

10/ Create Shortcut => ADD => Open Play store.

Play Store on Huawei Enjoy 20e

11/ SIGN IN => Sign in with your Gmail account => Account added on your Huawei Enjoy 20e.

Play Store on Huawei Enjoy 20e

12/ More => ACCEPT => Done.

Play Store on Huawei Enjoy 20e

13/ Congratulation, you can now install any application from the play store on your Huawei Enjoy 20e device running on EMUI 10.

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