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Install Google Play On Huawei EMUI 11 EMUI12 & HarmonyOS

Install Google Play

Huawei future devices won’t run the Google apps because Google doesn’t allow it to use Gapps (Youtube, Gmail, Google, Maps, Google assistant…) anymore, but right now there is no problem for all Huawei/Honor devices to access Install Google Play On Huawei EMUI 11 EMUI12 & HarmonyOS Via GSpace and all Google services like Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail…

If looking to install Google Services on Huawei & Honor Devices Via GSpace then there is a simple guide designed for the Huawei users out there. So, follow the guide below and see how to install Playstore in Huawei in simple steps.

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How to Install Google Play on Huawei Devices

  • Click on APP Gallery and search for GSpace app then Download and Install the app:

  • Download GSpace 1.0.5 apk with Google Play ICON:
  • File manager => Phone storage => Download.

  • Long tap on GSPACE ICON => 4 dots =>Extract to => OK.

  • YES => GSPACE ICON => Shortcut maker apk.

  • ALLOW => Install => OPEN.

  • Go back and Open Gspace app

  • Go back to file => play gspace shortcut => Shortcut maker => ALWAYS.

  • Create Shortcut => ADD => Open Play store.

  • SIGN IN => Sign in with your Gmail account => Account added.

  • More => ACCEPT => Done.

  • Congratulation, you can now install any application from the play store on your Huawei device running on EMUI 11 EMUI 12 & HarmonyOS.

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