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Download Huawei Honor 5A USB Driver For Windows

Huawei Honor 5A USB Driver

Huawei USB drivers is an important of all Huawei smartphones & tablets you can easily connect your device to a computer or laptop to sharing files & communicate between each other, when you installing Huawei Honor 5A USB driver you will be able to update your Huawei Honor 5A to latest Android OS, and you can easily browse the file system on your Huawei Honor 5A & transfer your photos, videos messages contact… you can also take a back up to all your important data & you can restore it if you lost it.

It’s hard to connect a Huawei mobile with a computer without USB driver, but here you can download Huawei Honor 5A USB driver & connect your Huawei with computer successfully.

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Notice: Huawei Honor 5A USB driver compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download & Install Huawei Honor 5A USB Driver

How to Install Huawei Honor 5A ADB Driver

1- Open Device Manager in your PC Then Click on Action and choose to add the legacy hardware

2- Click Next & choose to Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Advanced) then Click on Next

3- Tap on Show all devices, click on Next & click on Have disk

4- Select Browse Choose The Huawei USB driver file you downloaded and click OK

5- Choose the Android ADB interface and click on Next

6- The Huawei Honor 3 USB driver installation starts, click on Next, then click on Finish

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How To Install SPD Driver In Computer

  1. Download the SPD Driver and Unzip the file on your desktop
  2. open Device Manager
  3. Click on add the legacy hardware
  4. After That Click on next
  5. choose to Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Advanced)
  6. click on next
  7. choose Show all devices and click on next
  8. select X32 for 32 bit or Choose X64 for 64 bit
  9. click Next
  10. Select Finish

That’s it, Your Huawei Honor 5A USB Driver is successfully installed.

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