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How To Install Call Recorder Huawei EMUI 12 Android 12

Call Recorder EMUI 12

Huawei/Honor smartphones have a ton of features that make life easier for Huawei/Honor Users. One of them is EMUI 12 Call Recorder. Recording a voice call is a very important function, as it helps you to keep important conversations that may be needed much later. Sometimes you may encounter a situation when you need to Record a conversation. For example, you need to enter some information, but the pen was not at hand…

All Huawei/Honor Device Running on Android 11 does not allow you to record calls without root access on your Huawei/Honor device. but If the Huawei call recorder is important to you, with this app you don’t need to Root Huawei/Honor mobile, just installed like any other application, and restart your Huawei/Honor mobile and you can see the Record Option in the dialer.

Call Recorder application is the best call recording app for Huawei, it is supported on all Huawei/Honor devices running on EMUI 12 based on Android 12.

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Download EMUI 12 Call Recorder

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How to Install Call Recorder

How to record calls on your EMUI 12 Huawei/Honor phone

Just tap on the Record option during a call, your call will start recording, Once the call is over, you will be notified. You find all your Call Recordings listed in “amr” file format:

  • Phone >> More >> Call Recordings.

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  1. Thanks guys, it works awesome in my tests!
    Need to check somehow if there are or not some audible beeps
    that can be heard from the other caller when the recording is going on.
    Otherwise it’s so extremely simple and easy to use.
    Just restart before testing, i tried before and the recording were invisible…
    but after restart they appeared.

  2. i couldn’t install the application, although i have EMUI 12. My Mobile is Huawei Mate 10 Pro.
    Do you have any workaround to install the application on the phone or even have another APK file able to do the same task, thanks


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