Home Firmware How to Flash Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware – All Firmwares

How to Flash Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware – All Firmwares

Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware

if you have a Huawei Device, You can flash Huawei Ascend G620s Stock firmware to upgrade or downgrade your Huawei smartphone, or if you want to repair your Huawei Ascend G620s if it is stuck on Huawei logo, Boot Screen, or stuck in boot loop… or you don’t receive the OTA update for any reason.

Huawei Ascend G620s powered by Quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 chipset, the device has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, up to 32 GB via microSD. Huawei Ascend G620s comes with 2 MP Camera in front & 58 MP in back.

Huawei Ascend G620s offers a 5.00-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, The Huawei Ascend G620s Run Android 4.4.2 KitKat and comes in 2 Colors (Black, White). and powered by removable Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery.


Download Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware

Do not use this firmware on any other Huawei devices. this stock Firmware fit only for your Huawei Ascend G620s device. The ROM file on this page is the official ROM file published by the company:

Build Number Android OS Download
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B242SP02 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B246 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-L02 V100R001C00B239SP02 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-L02_V100R001C00B239SP02 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-L02 V100R001C00B246 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C00B239SP02 Android 4 FullOTA
G620s-UL00 C636B264 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-UL00 V100R001C17B244 Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-UL00 V100R001C17B266 Android 4 FullOTA
G620s-UL00 V100R001C636B264CUSTC636D002 Android 4 FullOTA
G620s-UL00 V100R001C636B264CUSTC636D002 Android 4 FullOTA
G620s G620-L75 M001014 4.3 Emotion 2.0 Lite Android 4 FullOTA
G620s_G620-L75_M001014 Android4.3_Emotion2.0_Board_HMT Android 4 FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B246CUSTC636D001 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C27B262 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C43B257 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001PRYC45B250a 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C00B253CUSTC605D001 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C262B255a 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L02 V100R001C106B246 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001ARGC25B250a 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C110B252 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L03 V100R001C00B253CUSTC605D001 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B245CUSTC10D001 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B242SP02CUSTC432D003 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B271CUSTC432D001 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C00B270CUSTC432D001 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C150B265CU 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L01 V100R001C150B248CUSTHUNC150D005 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-UL00 V100R001C636B264CUSTC636D002 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-UL00 V100R001C17B247SP02 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-L02 V100R001C81B247CUSTC81D003 4.4 KitKat FullOTA
G620S-UL00 V100R001C636B264 4.4 KitKat FullOTA

Backup Huawei Ascend G620s

Backup all your important data before flashing the Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware because installing firmware will erase all your data:


  • GO to the Backup app on your home screen.
  • Tab on Backup & Choose the location to which you want to back up your data

Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware

  • Choose the data you want to backup. depending on your needs (Contacts, Messaging, Call log, images.videos…)
  • Then touch   Back up to begin the backup.
  • set a password, you can Skip if you don’t want to set a password
  • After this is complete, tab Next to begin the backup.

Restore Huawei Ascend G620s

Huawei Ascend G620s Stock Firmware

  • Go back to the Backup app, & tab on Restore
  • Choose the source of the data to be restored, and touch Next


  • Enter your password you set up early then touch OK
  • Select the data you want to restored and touch Start restoration.
  • Once you choose to restore your back up data
  • You can choose a location to restore backed up data (Contacts, Messaging, Call log, images.videos…)
  • Finally, tab on OK to finish.

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