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Download KingRoot One-Click Root Huawei Kingroot Supported Devices


KingRoot is a one-click root app. This tool is very powerful and 100% trusted, You can root Huawei devices from Android 2.3 to 7.1 Nougat without trouble. KingRoot is the best android rooting apps, easy and safe even for people who don’t know anything about ROOTING, just in one click and follow instructions. so if you want to speed up, Save battery power, Remove or block ads just root your Huawei phone via KingRoot.

The KingRoot app has some amazing features doesn’t available in the other root application, it just requires a connection to the Internet to work. and you can easily root your Huawei device by using a Windows PC (100% Root success) or without using any desktop or laptop by KingRoot APK (98% Root success).

kingroot supported devices: huawei y360, huawei lava_ascendy511-u00, huawei g750-t00, huawei honor 60, huawei p6, huawei t8830pro, huawei y511-t00, huawei y511—t00, huawei y541-u02, huawei media pad 10 link, huawei mediapad, huawei 520, huawei g750-t01, huawei 201hw, huawei 302hw, huawei 3x, huawei 403hw, huawei 4c, huawei 4g, huawei 4x, huawei 503hw, huawei a199, huawei a199, huawei a51, huawei a670t, huawei a678t, huawei a850, huawei ale-l02, huawei ale-l21, huawei ale-l23huawei ale-tl00huawei ale-ul00, huawei android, huawei ascend g300, huawei ascend g330, huawei ascend g500 pro, huawei ascend g510, huawei ascend mate 2, huawei ascend y300, huawei ath-al00, huawei bs 401, huawei bucare y330-u05, huawei c8500s, huawei c8512, huawei c8600, huawei c8650, huawei c8812, huawei c8817d, huawei c8818, huawei carrera, huawei chc-u01,huawei chc-u03, huawei chc-u23, huawei che1-cl10, huawei che1-cl20, huawei cm980, huawei cm990, huawei comet, huawei cun-tl00, huawei d2, huawei dkl01, huawei dtab01, huawei g4, huawei g510, huawei g520, huawei g520_5000, huawei g526-l11, huawei g526-l22, huawei g526-l33, huawei g527-u081, huawei g610, huawei g610_t11, huawei g610t11, huawei g610-t11, huawei g610-u00, huawei g610-u20, huawei g620-l72, huawei g620-l75, huawei g620s-l01, huawei g620s-l02, huawei g620s-l03, huawei g620s-ul00, huawei g621-tl00, huawei g630-u10, huawei g630-u20, huawei g630-u251, huawei g6-l11, huawei g6-t00, huawei g7, huawei g700, huawei g730-t00, huawei g730-u00, huawei g735-l03, huawei g735-l12, huawei g735-l23, huawei g740-l00, huawei g750t01, huawei g750-t01, huawei g750-t1, huawei g7-l01, huawei g7-l01/l03, huawei gem-701l, huawei gem-702l, huawei gem-703l, huawei gem-703lt, huawei gionee v185, huawei grace, huawei gs03, huawei gt01, huawei gt-p3113, huawei h30 t00, huawei h30_t00, huawei h30_u10, huawei h30-3ctd, huawei h30-c00, huawei h30-t00, huawei h30-t00&t10, huawei h30-t10, huawei h30-t10$t00, huawei h30-u01, huawei h30-u10, huawei h60-l01, huawei h60-l02, huawei h60-l03, huawei h60-l04, huawei h60-l11, huawei h60-l12, huawei h60-l21, huawei h866c, huawei h882l, huawei hime-zf-iii, huawei hm 1std, huawei hn3-uo1, huawei holly, huawei holly-u19, huawei hol-t00, huawei hol-u10, huawei hol-u19, huawei honor 3c, huawei honor 4x, huawei honor 6, huawei honor 6 plus, huawei honor_3c, huawei honor3c2g-t, huawei u8825d, huawei 4c, huawei 4x, huawei a199, huawei ale-cl00, huawei ale-l04, huawei ascend g 300, huawei ascend g 330, huawei ascend g510, huawei ascend y 210, huawei ascend y 210d, huawei ascend y300, huawei b199, huawei c199, huawei c199s, huawei c8650+, huawei c8655, huawei c8812, huawei c8812e, huawei c8813, huawei c8813d, huawei c8813dq, huawei c8813q, huawei c8815, huawei c8816, huawei c8816d, huawei c8817, huawei c8817e, huawei c8817l, huawei c8818, huawei c8825d, huawei c8826d, huawei c8860e, huawei c8950d, huawei crr-cl00, huawei crr-l09, huawei crr-ul00, huawei crr-ul20, huawei cun-l02, huawei cun-l03, huawei cun-l22, huawei d2-0082, huawei d2-2010, huawei d2-5000, huawei d2-6070, huawei g350-u00, huawei g350-u20, huawei g506-u151, huawei g510-0010, huawei g510-0100, huawei g510-0200, huawei g510-0251, huawei g520, huawei g520-0000, huawei g520-5000, huawei g520-t10, huawei g520-u00, huawei g520-unicom, huawei g521-l076, huawei g521-l176, huawei g525, huawei g525_u00, huawei g525-u00, huawei g525-unicom, huawei g535, huawei g535-l11, huawei g600, huawei g606-t00, huawei g610, huawei g610 u20, huawei g610c, huawei g610-c00, huawei g610s, huawei g610t, huawei g610-t00, huawei g610-t11, huawei g610-u00, huawei g610-u00, huawei g610-u15, huawei g610-u15-u20, huawei g610-u20, huawei g610-u30, huawei g615-u10, huawei g616-l076, huawei g616-t00, huawei g620, huawei g620-a2, huawei g620-l72, huawei g628-tl00, huawei g629-ul00, huawei g630-t00, huawei g630-u00, huawei g630-u251, huawei g660-l075, huawei g6-c00, huawei g6-l11, huawei g6-l22, huawei g6-l33, huawei g6-t00, huawei g6-t00, huawei g6-u00, huawei 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Download KingRoot for Windows:

Version Download Links
Kingroot V3.5.7 Download Link
Kingroot V3.5.0 Download Link

Download kingRoot APK for Android:

Version Download Links
Kingroot V5.3.7 – Latest AndroidfilehostPcloud
Kingroot V5.3.5 AndroidfilehostPcloud
Kingroot V5.3.1 MediafireMega
Kingroot V5.3.0 AndroidfilehostPcloud
Kingroot V5.2.2 AndroidfilehostPcloud
Kingroot V5.2.0 MediafireMega
Kingroot V5.1.2 MediafireMega
Kingroot V5.1.0 MediafireMega
Kingroot V5.0.5 MediafireMega
Kingroot V5.0.4 MediafirePcloud
Kingroot V5.0.2 MegaPcloud
Kingroot V5.0.1 MediafireMega
Kingroot V5.0.0 MediafireMega
Kingroot V4.9.7 PcloudMega
Kingroot V4.9.6 MediafirePcloud
Kingroot V4.9.5 MediafireMega

How to Install a kingroot app

  • Run the KingRoot_pc_en.exe file.
  • I accept the agreement then click on Next.

  • Click on Next.

  • To continue, click Next.

  • Create a desktop shortcut and click Next.

  • Install.

  • Wait while setup installs Kingroot on your Computer.

  • Launch KingRoot and Finish

How to Use kingRoot app to Root Huawei Via Pc

  • Launch KingRoot and connect your Huawei device to a Laptop via USB cable.
  • Enable USB Debugging.

  • Wait until your Huawei mobile connected.

  • Once you are connected, click on Try to Root to began the Root process.

  • Wait until the Root process complete.

  • You have Successfully Root Huawei via KingRoot.

How to Use kingRoot to Root Huawei Via Phone

  • Click on TRY ROOT.

  • Wait for checking details about your Huawei device.

  • The Rooting process has been started.

  • you have successfully rooted your Huawei device.

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