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Download Huawei Stock Rom For All Model – All Methods

Huawei Stock Rom

How to Flash Huawei stock Firmware – All Methods. if you own a Huawei/honor smartphone and tablets, It’s very important to update your device to the latest version of the Android operating system. if you want to upgrade, downgrade or repair your Huawei/honor smartphones & tablets, here is the full guide of how to flash Huawei Stock Rom on all Huawei smartphones & tablets.

update your Huawei/honor smartphones and tablets will make your device less vulnerable to face security issues. by fixing bugs and many problems in previous android versions to get more features and Better User Experience.

System Updates are very necessary for your device. So I suggest you keep your Huawei/honor smartphones and tablets up to date because the Huawei EMUI update will bring you more and better features than the previous one. Generally, updates bring a newer look to your phone, better battery life, better resource management and fix known bugs, security issues, solve most heating problems and give you faster and improved performance.



How to Flash Huawei Stock Rom – All Methods

Update Huawei/Honor device Via HiCare app

  •  Download & install the HiCare app on your Huawei/Honor device.
  • Open the app the Sign in with your Huawei account.
  • HiCare app ==> Update.

Huawei Stock Rom

  • Check For Updates ==> Download and Install.

Huawei Stock Rom

Update Huawei device Via Normal Mode

  • Open the Settings app on your Huawei phone.
  • Click System.
  • Click Software Update.
  • Click Check for Updates to manually check for available updates.

Huawei Stock Rom

Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via Update Mode

1- Restart your Huawei device to Update Mode:

  • Turn OFF your Huawei device.
  • Press & hold the Power Button + Volume up button At the same for a few seconds Until the Update Mode Appears.

2- With the Volume Keys, Choose Update Mode then click on the Power key to confirm.

Huawei Stock Rom

3- You can use it to update with a Memory card/OTG or USB update mode.

Huawei Stock Rom

Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via eRecovery

1- Restart your Huawei device to Download Mode:

  • Turn OFF your Huawei device.
  • At the same connect your device via USB cable + Press & hold the Volume up button Until the Download Mode Appears.

2- Click on Download latest version and recovery then choose Download and recovery.


3- Connect your Huawei device to a WIFI Network.


4- Wait until the update package downloading from the Huawei server.


5- Once the update & the recovery are installed successfully, your Huawei device Reboot automatically.


Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via HiSuite software

1- Download & Install the latest version of HiSuite software.

2- Run HiSuite software & Connect your Huawei device to the computer with a USB cable

3- In your Huawei phone Go to:

  • Settings => Search for HDB => Turn on Allow HiSuite to use HDB


4- Once your Huawei device is connected to HiSuite successfully, Click on Update


5- Your device Runs the latest Update, You’re now using the latest official version.

6- Click on Switch for Others Versions, If you want to downgrade your device Huawei phone from EMUI 10 to EMUI 9.0/9.1 or Huawei phone from EMUI 9.0/9.1 to EMUI 8.0…


7- Click on Restore


8- Downgrading the Huawei device will erase all your data. So, you need to backup your phone data. then click on Continue.


9- Now Wait until the downgrade process completes.


10- That’s all! you have successfully Downgrade your Huawei device


Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via Updater

1- Download & extract Huawei Stock firmware & copy the UPDATE.APP file on your internal storage or in your SD card.


2- In your Huawei phone Go to:

  • Settings => System => System update => Then click on the 3 Dots at the top right corner


3- Tab on Local update, and select the UPDATE.APP file You downloading

4- Well done! Your Huawei will begin updating.

Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via TWRP recovery

1- Create a new folder on your phone storage or in your SD card, and rename it to dload.


2- Download Huawei Stock firmware & copy the update.zip & Data File update.zip on dload folder.

3- Enter your Huawei device to Twrp Recovery:

  • power off your Huawei device.
  • Press volume up and power button at the same to enter to custom recovery TWRP 

4- Go to install, locate the update.zip file and flash it.

5- locate the “Data File update.zip” and flash it too.

6- Once the update process is completed, click on the Wipe cache/Dalvik” to clean the stock ROM, and reboot your Huawei device.

Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via Normal Update

1- Create a new folder on your phone storage or in your SD card, and rename it to dload.


2- Download & extract Huawei Mobile Stock firmware & copy the UPDATE.APP file on dload folder


3- In your Huawei Mobile, Open the dialer and enter:

  • *#*#2846579#*#*
  • ProjectMenu => Software Upgrade => SDCard Upgrade => OK


4- Select the Update.app that you copy on your phone storage or your SD card.

5- Now Wait until the installation process completes.

6- When the installation completes, the phone will restart automatically

7- If you have the Data File and you want to flash it to,

8- Create a new folder on your phone storage or in your SD card, and rename it to dload.

9- Download & extract the update_data_Xxxxx & move the new update.app to the dload folder.

10- In your Huawei Mobile, Open the dialer and enter:

  • *#*#2846579#*#*
  • ProjectMenu => Software Upgrade => SDCard Upgrade => OK

Huawei Stock Rom

11- Select the Update.app that you copy on your phone storage or your SD card.

12- Now Wait until the installation process completes.

13- That’s it! the phone will restart automatically.

Huawei Flash Firmware Via dload method.

  1. download the full firmware for your model: FIRMWARE SECTION
  2. Create a new folder on your phone storage or in your SD card, and rename it to dload.

Huawei Stock Rom

  1. Copy update.app file to the dload folder.

Huawei Stock Rom

  1. Power off your Huawei phone.
  2. Disconnect your Huawei device from PC/Laptop
  3. Press & hold the volume up + The volume down first then press the power button and keep pressing all together.
  4. Your phone will detect the package and will start the update process automatically.
  5. Once the update process is successful, your Huawei phone will restart automatically & verify the system image.
  6. The first boot may take up to 5 minutes so be patient.

Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via SP Flash Tool

1- Run Flash_tool.exe:

3-Click on Scatter-loading, find and locate the Huawei Scatter File and press Open.

4-Click on the Download button.

5- Connect your Huawei Mobile:

  • Turn off your Huawei device.
  • Remove the battery (if removable)
  • Connect your Huawei to your PC via USB cable.

6-You ‘ll see this info and the flash process automatically starts

7-That’s all! you have successfully Update Huawei Stock Rom.

Flash Huawei stock Firmware Via Flashy tool

  1. Download & extract the Flashy TOOL: FlashY tool
  2. Download the full firmware for your model: FIRMWARE SECTION
  3. Enable OEM unlocking & USB Debugging on your device.
  4. Extract & Copy all the firmware files to the Flashy TOOL folder.
  5. run the Flash.bat file & follow the procedure.
  6. That’s it! You have successfully flashed your Huawei phone via Flashy TOOL.
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  1. Hi Youssef!

    What’s the best option to replace a chinese rom with the international version?
    I’ve just bought the Enjoy 9 (not plus).

    Thank you

  2. Hi, your post seems helpful. thank you. btw can you give me a specific version of emui ( INE-LX2 I am badly looking for it.

  3. Hay thank u so much for this can u tell me what is flash device I have huaweI p8max and I want to update it can u give me the last update rom

  4. hi Youssef
    I want to update firmware of y6 pro using the Updater app of huawei.
    I downloaded the firmware.
    my question:
    Does updating reset all my existing apps and settings like accounts, contacts and so?
    I have backed up them using huawei backup but i have concerns because i have too many custom settings and informations.

  5. Thanks for the support youseff, the dialer method requires SD card, however mate 10 pro does not have SD card slot. However I wonder if connecting a pen drive through the USB type C will work.

  6. When I try to install the “update.app” in the Mate 20 Lite, I miss an error that says “Error updating” “For help, visit: https: //www.emui.com ….”
    I need a solution to make the downgrade.

  7. Please help. My honor 8x is bought from China with a Chinese Rom. Bootloader is locked. Oem unlock isnt exist. I followed all your methods to update to pie with the stock rom as I didnt recieve ota update. Firmware finder is always not approved for installation. Cant buy a bootloader unlock code. Please help how can I flash the stock firmware or the pie update. And what if my phone stuck. All methods are useless.

  8. Hi Youssef,
    First thank you for support
    I have a honor 8X (JSN-AL00a) Oreo and i want to flash the Global ROM (L-22) and upgrade to Pie in one shot
    If a try to do it with the SD card method
    what are the chances for it to work?

  9. Intento con alguno de estos dos métodos pero siempre me sale “Error al actualizar”. Para obtener ayuda, visite: https: //www.emui.com … “.

    -Flash Huawei stock Firmware Vía método de descarga .
    -Flash Huawei stock firmware a través de actualización normal

    Lo que intento es reinstalar el firmware ya que desde la actualización a Android 7. Tiene unos problemas.
    Tengo Bootloader bloqueado y FPR Desbloqueado

  10. Hi Youssef
    I just bought a phone online huawei mate 20 pro on wish. Now it didnt come with any EMUI… On the settings there’s no system, there’s just “about the phone” In there there’s the following:
    Model number : Mate 20 Pro
    CPU. : MTK 6592 Octa core
    Android version: 8.1
    Android security patch level: 2018-06-01
    Baseband version: MOLY.WR8.W1449.MD.WG.MP.V23.P8,2018/08/17 16:49
    Kernel version : 3.10.72 android@kst-08#1 Wed Dec 12 19:46:56 CST 2018
    Software version : V133_QHDM_L_V1.1_1_16_20181212_1856_V1.0.3_Al_V11_WELCOME_MATE20_PRO
    Build number : LMY471 test-keys
    Cistom Build version : ALPS.L1.MP6.V2.19_HCT6592.WEG.A.L_P55.
    how can i install EMUI 9.0 and huawei features? I have contacted wish and they havent gotten back to me. Been googling this and still no luck. Can you help me?

  11. Hi,
    I have a honor 8x JSN-L22 with hiboard (nfc not enabled)…
    It’s possible to rebrand it to JSN-L21 with google feeds ?
    After rebrand will I have NFC enabled ?
    Can I do the rebranding without twrp ? because there are not a full working twrp for honor 8x :/

    • Downloads-
      EMUI Flasher
      OEMINFO binary

      JSN-L21 EU version
      Main zip here
      Data zip here
      Root Honor 8X
      1- Install EMUI flasher downloaded but do not run it
      2- Copy the firmware & the oeminfo to internal memory
      3- on PC, go to adb folder, shift+right click, open command prompt here and type:
      adb shell
      su (please grant root on your phone at this step)
      mkdir /data/local/tmp
      mv /sdcard/oeminfo /data/local/tmp
      cd /data/local/tmp
      chmod +x oeminfo
      ./oeminfo JSN-L21 C432 hw/eu
      4- Run the EMUI flasher app you installed earlier, give root persmission.
      It will prompt for download of a file around 26 MB (no-check recovery), install it.
      5- Select the respective firmwares from you internal memory based on the region you want to debrand/rebrand to (Update.zip, update_full_JSN-L21_hw_eu.zip and update_data_full_public.zip or update.zip, update_full_JSN-L42_hw_in.zip and update_data_full_public.zip
      6- Click on the arrow or download symbol and EMUI flasher will 7- start flashing the firmware. (may take 10 minutes)
      It may take a few minutes to complete the update procedure in recovery, device will reboot automatically and will perform the factory reset.
      8- once booted, your phone should be on the new region.

  12. dear yousaf, my P8 is till on bootloop. i downloaded the firmware, placed it in my sd card dload folder, tried the automatic vol up + vol down + power option. it started updating but every time it stopped below 60% and didnt complete. please advise

  13. here is what happened actually. my mob P8 fell down and then got stuck on Huawei bootloop.
    it is not powering on by power button however it comes on if charger usb cable is plugged and then goes to huawei logo, thats it
    please advise

  14. Hi youssef, thank you for your support
    my phone is mate 7 single sim, it stopped on huawei logo and can”t open or close untill charge be finished, what must i do, which method, someone told me to download hisuits but i don’t know what is the right thing, please tell me exactly what must i do

  15. Youssef,

    How can I flash go back to non unlock bootloader? I have now just unlocked bootloader 210 version. Now I want to lock my bootloader how to perform that?
    Huawei mate 20 pro eu model.

  16. do i have to unlock bootloader even if i want to update my oreo honor 8x to emui 9.0 using the official stockrom release for my model? because i read somewhere u dont need to unlock bootloader for flashing an official stockro except custom rom..

  17. Hello, I have Huawei P Smart Model FIG-LX3, I would like to know how I do to install rom global. Thank you.

  18. My phone is rooted and i want to flash stock rom ..Is it still possible to ReStock ? please let me know..
    My phone is Honor 8 lite PRA-LA1…if yes so please drop me a link for it..thank you so much.

  19. Hi Youssef
    I have a Huawei Honor 4a SCL-AL00
    I flashed it and it is not even showing the IMEI number
    It is not performing some functions like playing audio and video files,taking video using camera,recording audio,cannot play videos on youtube

  20. Hello youssef,
    I have a huawei nova 3i INE-LX1. I downgrade my phone with HiSuite from emui 9.0.1 to emui 8.2.0 but when I want to upgrade my phone to emui 9 they show me that I had the lastest version of emui (8.2.0) in both (HiSuite & phone update system)
    I want to help me updating my phone
    Best regards

      • Still no working with the flashy tool method because I think the phone is locked only the FRP is unlocked . I tried with firmware finder also but no result. I have a huawei INE-LX1 Please help me updating my phone to emui 9

      • Hello,
        I tried with the flashy tool method but no success. It failed because the phone is locked in bootloader. And also I tried with firmware finder. I Don’t know why I can’t update. Can you help me please to re-upgrade to emui 9 my huawei nova 3i INE-LX1 with build

  21. Thanks, but please I have a slight challenge. I realized that the scatter file is not part of any of the files I downloaded, please how do I creat scatter file for Huawei MediaPad t3 7?

  22. hola. necesito desbrikear un Y6 SCL-LO3, necesito flashear por flashtool pero no encuentro firmware solo update.app pero no me sirve, tengo que extraerlo?

  23. Hi. I need to debrike a Y6 SCL-LO3, I need to flash by flashtool but I can not find firmware only update.app but it does not work, I have to extract it?

  24. Hello, having a problem here with my Mate 9. Bought it pre-owned and found out that it’s IMEI and android version has been altered (from MHA-L29 to MHA-L09. Now has only one IMEI and second SIM/SD card slot doesn’t work). I was wondering, if I could possibly flash my device to android for MHA-L29? And how would the dload method work, if it’s in the phone storage and it gets erased in the update process?

  25. Hi Yousef
    I have a p30 on UK Vodafone. What to flash to UK unbranded.
    Which one should I use?

    Also when the phone gets updates will this be for UK Vodafone or unbranded?


  26. Hey dude. Can i have use sp flash tool on HUAWEI Y6 PRO (2019) ? I’ve read it’s a mediatek chipset. I’m afraid i might brick it.

  27. Hi, I am using an honor 10 rooted and bootloader unlocked running lineage 15.1 unofficial. when i try to flash stock rom using twrp it gives me the following error:
    E:unknown command [errno]
    Updater process ended with ERROR: 9
    Error installing zip file “sdcard/Download/update.zip

  28. Hello,is possible downgrade soft p30pro ? i have an need back to this method? no destroy phone?

  29. hi sir youssef i updated my y6 2018 can i downgrade it back…
    it became laggy bcz of the update,,,
    and where are the compatible firmware…??tnx in advance
    model” ATU-L22
    build Number : ATU-L22
    Custom Version : CUSTC636D1

  30. Dear Youssef, my device is HUAWEI MATE RS PORSCHE DESIGN NEO-AL00 CHINA VERSION and want to rebanded or make it NEO-L29 GLOBAL VERSION how to do it but I dont have bootloader unlock code my device not unlocked bootloader I try to buy codes from many websites but no codes they have. So is it possible to change it from CHINA VERSION to GLOBAL VERSION without bootloader unlock code, please help me with this I need my device be like other mobiles not locked to china!

  31. Hello Youssef,
    What to do when FRP and bootloader are locked. I can’t do annything with my P20 lite. WIFI no run, wipe factory no run. Flash by SD no run ? ? ? ?
    I’m loosing hope to use it again.
    Would you ave a solution ?
    Thanks for all

  32. Hi yousuf
    My nexus 6p after updation restar google logo and bootloader showing device is locked please help me how can i reflash os

  33. Hello Youssef,

    I’ve got a p20 lite, downloaded the firmware, but it’s not possible to put it on the sd. the Update file is bigger than 4 gb, so the fat32 doesn’t support it. Tomorrow I will try with a exFAT formatted sd card. Meanwhile I tried the dload method, but I get an error “Error updating” “For help, visit: https: //www.emui.com ….”

    I tried hard resetting the phone, but I recovered everything, so I think the hard reset basically didn’t reset anything. Should I hard reset it without recovering anything before trying with the dload method?
    Thank you

  34. Hello Youssef,
    I hane the Honor 8x max(China version),do you know if i can rebrand it,with a global rom,may be honor Y Enjoy max?If yes can you send me link for the firmware?
    thank you in advance!

  35. Please help, My P30 Pro is restarting continuously, Its battery is fully drained so it does not work when unplugged, and I even cannot turn it off it automatically turns on and then starts rebooting

  36. Bonjour Youcef j’ai un mate 10 pro j’ai longtemps attendu sa mise à jour OTA sans résultat (Algérie) dernièrement on m’a dit que je peux le mettre à jour. J’ai une ROM officielle et j’arrive à brancher un flashdisk en SD la suite je nage de l’aide SVP.

  37. Hi

    I recently buy Huawei P7-L09 & in mobile its installed P7-L10 firmware after 20 days my mobile restarted again & again.

    I download firmware from different sites & flash them via card (dload method) its always failed.

    Plz suggest me any solution.

  38. hi. youssef.

    i have a honor view20 with very old firmware .138 from march or so.
    no way to get a OTA update.
    devise has already build nr 9.1 i’m stuck at
    no OTA update

    tried to update several ways to 9.1.xx but no way work.

    can you give me help how to update this device?

    thx very much.

  39. Hi, I bought honor 8x max on aliexpress, rebranded to global rom, the original model on the box is ARE-Al 10 , but the phone now showing model ARE-L22HN with software
    ARE- L22HN , all working fine but i am experiencing very low quality of calls , drooped calls etc, i have research that is caused because of firmware conflict. Which firmware should i flash to fix that issues , thank you for advice.

  40. Hi, My phone is 8x max. I update last version, and I don’t use ch Play, youtube,Google driver….Google sevice. Please help me

  41. Hi Youssef abouza, I have a Y9 prime 2019 STK-LX3 with bloatware that i dont want and 9.1 update, my cuestion here Is:
    Can I downgrade to any version L22 or L21 full ota 9.0 without unlocking bootloader?

  42. hey what’s up dude,

    i have updated my huawei RIO-LO1 from Lollipop to Marshmallow,
    the problem is after update, phone says ’emergency calls only”

    what to do ????

  43. Hi! I have a Huawei Y7 2019, and I have no acces to the phone, it is in a bootloop, I tried copying the “dload” folder into the SD card and make the keys combination (Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button at the same time) but the phone didn’t read the SD card and still in bootloop. I tried with the flash tool but didn’t work. Any other idea or solution? Please 🙁

  44. Hello I have mate 8 NXT-L29 and it is stuck on Huawei logo and keeps restarting so I downloaded the Europe rom but I need the scatter file to flash it with sp flash tool…can you please help me

  45. Hi youssef, maybe you can help me too on how to fix this issue. Few months ago I got the (9) pie update for my honor 8x china rom and updated my phone but i found out that the google apps are not working on pie version for china rom that time. So I decided to downgrade my device to oreo version. now I want to update to pie version again but the hicare,hisuite and system update on settings says my phone is up to date. I tried already all the possible solution like changing region on hicare,reset,dload and asked for pushed updates from care support but all not working. Any other possible option on how to get the new updates again? Thank you so much. (Sorry for my bad english).

  46. Hi. I Bought 4 /128GB Huawei p30 lite MAR AL00, came with Chinese ROM. can i replace with the Huawei P30 Lite MAR-LX2 4Gb 128Gb MAR-L22B hw in Marie-L22A (C675E5R1P5)?

  47. i try to update my huawei honor 4c phones firmware. once update start allmost 80 % then its stuck not completed. how to solve chm-u01 v100r001c185b067

  48. Hi there Yousef,

    Thanks for such a useful site, and the assistance you provide us! I have a question with regards to Single VS Dual SIM units. With the older Huawei phones, apparent SINGLE-SIM phones were in fact DUAL-SIM phones once a stock firmware was installed. Is this still the case? I have a Y9 Prime 2019, STK-L21 which has a dual SIM slot, but does not recognize the 2nd installed SIM.

    Would installing stock firmware ‘unlock’ the second SIM capability?

    Many Thanks!

  49. youssef abouza I have Huawei Ascend Y530-U051(chinese phone). I need to flash. can I use dload method? and where I get the firmware for this model?

  50. nexus 6p just died, (wt google logo slow flash on screen.

    at one moment it booted up, had 85% battery and i completed factory reset. all was well a few minutes then it returned to wt google logo.


    waiting for my settlement check to arrive january for new phone.

  51. hi sir, i have vog-al00 on my new p30 pro, is there any way to install the global version on my phone? i do not like the chinese version..

    • Hi, I have Huawei honor 5C after factory reset I can’t log in because there is a message “Type password to decrypt storage”, I can’t log in with any password. do you have a solution? Thank you

  52. Hi Youssef, please help,
    Have a vog-al10 huawei p30 pro, need to change the firmware into a european L-29 as the Vog-AL10 is not homologated in my region, can you please help in how to do? thanks

  53. Hello.
    I have reset the Huawei P8 lite 2017 phone with “PRA-LX1 PRA-L11 Prague-L31 (C432)” and now I cannot select the Romanian language.
    This appears in the list but cannot be selected !! There are other languages in the same situation.
    The language of the menu is English UK.
    Do you have a solution for that?

  54. Be good and tell me how to install it. I put it in “dload” next to PRA-L11_hv_eu; PRA-L31_hv_eu; and update_sd.zip?Fac folder or put it that way.

  55. Hi. I have a Huawei Y7 2019 DUB-LX1 from operator TIM in Italia, its original firmware is My bootloader is already UNLOCKED. TWRP does not exist for this device.
    I would like to update rebranding it to a newer firmware so I checked that from Firmware Finder it is approved for installation this build: DUB-LX1 .
    I tried all of your methods in this page one-by-one but no one of them is working for me. Can you please tell me how can I do? Thanks.

  56. HELLO bro
    i forget my email and cant open my device nova 3i ine_lx1
    i tried dload not work
    hardreset not work
    plz help me

  57. hello sir .. im from Malaysia , i want to ask your opinion , in Europe version emei 9 have GPU turbo , but in Malaysia version it does have GPU turbo .. can i replace my original version and switch to Europe version

  58. Hi, my phone Honor 9i Model:L22, it’s update verification failed and can’t boot the phone, the screen comes and says verification failed. Is that possible to recover the phone

  59. hi, can you please help me with the other 2 files flashing process on my p8 lite 2017. I used the link with your first rom which is PRA-LX1 PRA-L11 Prague-L31 2019.02.18 8.0.0 Oreo FullOTA. there are 3 files. and i was able to use #*#*2846579#*#* to flash the larger about 1.7g app.sd file but the other 2 files I could not use the same process to flash them. These other 2 files are update_sd_PRA-L31_hw_eu.zip and update_sd_PRA-L11_hw_eu . I need to have 2 sims working on my phone as my phone has one locked by service provider. i would appreciate your assistance.

    • Download & extract the Flashy TOOL: FlashY tool
      Download the full firmware for your model
      Enable OEM unlocking & USB Debugging on your device.
      Extract & Copy all the firmware files to the Flashy TOOL folder.
      run the Flash.bat file & follow the procedure.
      That’s it! You have successfully flashed your Huawei phone via Flashy TOOL.

      • hi, it is not working. does the huawei p8 lite 2017 need to be bootloader unlocked first? Please how do I unlock it? thanks

  60. Huawei LDN L21 stuck in Huawei logo, No recovery window appears during vol up+pwr on button simultaneous press.

    Please help

    • Hello, i have the sme issue. Mine is Honor 4C, got stuck inboot loop then shut off. It would not turn on anymore. It wont charge anymore either i think.

  61. Hi, if y5 lite 2018 DRA-LX5 boot to Erecovery mode and it wont download software if i try to use wifi. fast-boot also doesn’t work because i had a Google account it says FRP Lock, Thanks in advance.

  62. Your File is Very Useful File… 100% working… Thanks For Uploading… Please More File Uploading and free password…

  63. Hi Youssef can you help me to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei P30 Lite, Please?
    I’ve tried everything and nothing.

  64. hi dear i have huawei nexus 6p which is restarting on google logo not able to root not can enable usb debugging shopkeeper said that its repairing fault can someone help me

  65. Hi youssef abouza, I have a Chinese version P10 plus 6gb ram 128gb VKY-AL00, is it possible to flash or load Global Rom VKY-L29 with out unlocking boatloader?

  66. hermano tengo un problema estaba actualizando el huawei p smart 2019 pot-lx3 y se fue la luz y se apago no quiere prender en que me puede ayudar o que metodo puedo seguir gracias

  67. I am having a problem with my Huawei p20 pro device. When it had the latest system update it started bootlooping to huawei logo. there are time it will turn on but will turn off again after a few seconds, sometimes long minutes.

  68. I am having a problem with my Huawei p20 pro device. When it had the latest system update it started bootlooping to huawei logo. there are time it will turn on but will turn off again after a few seconds, sometimes long minutes.

  69. Hi i tried a few of these and it does not work for me on my mate xs. Ive downloaded the framework so i can downgrade it and i powerd off my phone and plugged in my USB and it just stays at 5%. I downloaded the full ota and i renamed it dload. And the other methods dont work for me because i have a mac and it wont run those programs. Plus the hsuite is updated so it no longer allows you to downgrade from there

  70. Hi and what version do i use for the mate xs international version and can you walk step by step cause its not working for me on the mate xs

  71. Hello, you have an amazing website and a vast array of insightful knowledge. Could you please instruct me on the process of how to unlock OEM on a Huawei P20 Pro?
    The FRP lock is on and I don’t know how to unlock/move it. I deleted my google account that I used on the phone and now I am basically have an unusable device now….

    Huawei P20 Pro

    USB Debugging is not turned on since I can’t access the settings.
    OEM lock is still on.
    Bootloader is still locked to..
    Please please bestow upon I some insights
    that I can be
    thus that I can fly and
    soar high with the
    freedom of all that is.

  72. Its a great pleasure reading your post about huawei phones. Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comment that “The content of your post is awesome” Great work

  73. Hi Youssef. I have a Huawei p20 pro with problems. The incoming calls are only displaying in the notification bar. I can’t get to the calls. I pull down and it snaps up agian. It worked for 2 weeks at first , not now. Also the bottom of the screen, back ,home and last used buttons do not have sensitivity any more. I have to turn sideways to text. Also when I click on weather I get the clock, not weather. I’m not sure what happened here. I’m wondering if I flash the rom, will it fix this, or is it beyound help. Also I don’t see the version on your page I should use. My phone is Huawei p20 pro CL104 build (C792E8R1P4).

  74. Hi Youssef. I have the Huawei p20 pro. It has problems. The incoming calls are not displayed , only in the top notification bar in green. When I pull down it snaps back. Also sensitivity is gone on bottom of phone . So I have no back, home or previous buttons. It’s good when I turn sideways. Texting only from the side. Also when I click on weather I get the clock not weather. I’m wondering if I flash the rom if it will fix it. It seems like a software issue. I have the CL 104 version. It’s not on your list that I saw. I’m not sure which version to download to try. Its a Huawei P20 Pro model CL 104 build (C792E8R1P4). Thanks for your help.

  75. Hey there, my device P30 pro is stuck at Huawei Logo. Erecovery Via wifi sais „getting package info failed“, Fastboot recovery is not supported for my device in HiSuite, factory reset, data wipe, secure mode doesn’t help either. Is there any solution for this? Thanks for your help

  76. Hi, I have Huawei honor 5C after factory reset I can’t log in because there is a message “Type password to decrypt storage”, I can’t log in with any password. do you have a solution? Thank you

  77. Great explanation or tutorial.
    Keep up the good work! God bless you and your family.

    Feedback later!
    I also have huawei nova 3i frp stock! Google account forget password I’m gonna try all this method big thanks!

  78. Hello Youssef, I have base software version ELS-LGRP-OVS andI was looking for ELS-N04 C792 Firmware to downgrade but only seen ELS-N04 i use C605?
    Many thanks,

  79. Hi Youssef. My Huawei Y7 2018 phone has been stuck in a bootloop. It doesn’t go to the boot menu when I press the volume up and power button. I tried so much. But it sometimes shows the boot menu automatically. Using that I hard reset the device. But still, it stuck in the bootloop. What should i do? I have can get a laptop and sd card so what method should I use. I’m doing school works using this phone so I really need your help. Model NO: HU-Y7-2018-BLU

  80. Hi Youssef. My Huawei Y7 2018 model: LDN-LX2 has stuck on a bootloop. it doesnt goto boot menu when i pres volume up and power. but someties it atomatically go to boot menu and i hard reset using that. but my phone still in the bootloop. what method should i use. Where i can find right firmware. please help.

  81. Sir please help I used the Huawei FRP Tool 2021 but my device can’t reset the frp lock ? It say’s failed . My phone is a Huawei Mate Pro 20 could you please help !

  82. Aw, this became quite a good post. In thought I have to put in writing like this additionally – spending time and actual effort to have a great article… but exactly what do I say… I procrastinate alot through no indicates often get something accomplished.

  83. Hello Youssef, that’s a very useful article/post, great job!
    i have a question: I tried to unlock the bootloader of my P8 2017 Lite (PRA-LX1 EMUI 8.0.0) and now the firmware is NRD90M test-keys.
    I tried several procedures (hicare, hisuite, updater, e-recovery, dload) but nothing iworks …
    would you suggest any procedure for my case?
    I really want to get rid of NRD90M test-keys
    thank you very much for your help!!!

  84. the bootloader is unlocked on my smartphone (i used DC-unlocker)
    but what i am struggling with is flashing the old firmware?
    thus, isn’t there any solution to get rid of NRD90M test-keys?


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