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Download Huawei GRT Dongle V1.0 Tool With Loader Free

GRT Dongle V1.0

GRT Dongle V1.0 Tool is a Cracked repair tool used without a dongle that can be used to Bypass FRP, Read Full Factory, Write Full Factory, Read & Write Full Dump, Remove FRP Lock in EDL Mode, Read & Write QCN, Backup & WRITE EFS, Qualcomm IMEI repair from your Huawei/Honor smartphones or tablets. With a simple interface, it is a very easy-to-use, safe, and secure way of repairing your device, the Huawei GRT Dongle Tool supports most Huawei devices.

Just Download and launch the program on the computer, connect the Huawei/Honor device to the PC with a USB cable, Make sure that you Install Huawei USB Drivers For Windows, check The Huawei mobile is Connected or Not. Then finally choose the operation you want to do for your Huawei/Honor smartphones or tablets.

This process is extremely simple and suitable. One of the advantages of using this Huawei Tool is that it supports a wide range of Huawei/Honor devices and does not require any other step of that measure.

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Download GRT Dongle V1.0 Tool

Name: GRT_Dongle_v1.0.0.0__ed_Setup.rar
Supported OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Size: 107 MEGA
Download: Download Link
Password: huaweiflash.com
Huawei USB Driver: Download Link

How to Use Huawei GRT Dongle Tool

1- Download GRT Dongle Tool on your Laptop and click on GRT Dongle v1.0.0.0 Cracked Setup.exe


2- Click Next.

GRT Dongle V1.0

3- Enter the installation password: softwarecrackguru then Click Next.


4- Click Next.


5- Click Next.


6- Click install & The Huawei GRT Dongle tool installed.

GRT Dongle V1.0

7- Click Finish.


8- Click Start and register then login in.

GRT Dongle V1.0

9- Huawei Unlock.

  • Write Flash
  • Read Flash
  • Repair

Huawei device Supported: HUAWEI Ascend G6 3G G6-C00, HUAWEI Ascend G6 4G LTE G6-L11, HUAWEI Ascend G6 4G LTE G6-L22, HUAWEI Ascend G6 4G LTE G6-L33, HUAWEI Ascend G6 3G G6-U00, HUAWEI Ascend G6 3G G6-U10, HUAWEI Ascend G6 3G G6-U251, HUAWEI Ascend G6 3G G6-U34, HUAWEI Ascend G615 3G G615-U10, HUAWEI Ascend G620 LTE G620-L72,
HUAWEI Ascend G620 LTE G620-L75, HUAWEI Ascend G620 LTE G620-UL01, HUAWEI Ascend G620s LTE G620s-L01, Honor Play 4 LTE DS G620s-UL00, , Honor Play 4 LTE DS G621-TL00,  Honor Play 4 LTE DS G621-TL00M, HUAWEI Ascend G630 3G DS G630-U00, HUAWEI Ascend G630 3G DS G630-U10, HUAWEI Ascend G630 3G G630-U20, HUAWEI Ascend G630 3G G630-U251, HUAWEI Ascend G660 LTE DS G660-L075, HUAWEI Y6 LTE DS SCC-U21, HUAWEI Y6 LTE SCL-L01 , HUAWEI Y6 LTE SCL-L02, HUAWEI Y6 LTE SCL-L03, HUAWEI Y6 LTE SCL-L04, HUAWEI Y6 LTE DS SCL-L21, HUAWEI Y6 LTE DS SCL-L32, HUAWEI Y6 LTE DS SCL-U23, HUAWEI Y6 LTE DS SCL-U31, HUAWEI Ascend Y5303G Y530-U00, HUAWEI Ascend Y5303G Y530-U51, HUAWEI Y535D 3G DS Y535D-C00,
HUAWEI Y550-L01 (Ascend Y550 LTE), HUAWEI Y550-L02 (Ascend Y550 LTE), HUAWEI Y550-L03 (Ascend Y550 LTE), HUAWEI Y560-CL00 (Ascend Y5 LTE DS), HUAWEI Y560-L01 (Ascend Y5 LTE), HUAWEI Y560-L02 (Ascend Y5 LTE), HUAWEI Y560-L03 (Ascend Y5 LTE), HUAWEI Y560-L23 (Ascend Y5 LTE DS), HUAWEI Y625-U03 (Huawei Y625 3G DS), Huawei Y625 3G Y625-U13, Huawei Y625 3G DS Y625-U21, HUAWEI Y625-U32 (Huawei Y625 3G DS), HUAWEI Y625-U43 (Huawei Y625 3G DS), HUAWEI Y625-U51 (Huawei Y625 3G DS), HUAWEI Y635-CL00 (Huawei Y635 4G LTE DS), HUAWEI Y635-L02 (Huawei Y635 4G LTE), HUAWEI Y635-L03 (Huawei Y635 4G LTE), HUAWEI Y635-L21 (Huawei Y635 4G LTE).

GRT Dongle V1.0

Finally, Huawei GRT Dongle Tool helps you to repair your Huawei/Honor device in a better manner. I hope you will get easy security for your Huawei/Honor device without any issues. If you still need any help? Please let me know. I will try my best to help you soon as possible.

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