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Download Huawei Antivirus APP – The Best Antivirus for Huawei Phone

Huawei Antivirus APP

Do you need a Huawei antivirus app? If so, which one is better to choose? You can find out about all this in our article about the most powerful and high-quality antiviruses for your Huawei smartphone & tablets.

One of the most effective ways to protect your devices is to download an antivirus for Android. The antivirus is an application to protect your device from malware. and dangerous programs, such as viruses, Trojan, Spy (collects bank card data, passwords, and other personal data), Adware (shows pop-up ads), Ransomware (locks your phone, demanding to pay for unlocking) so, to avoid the above troubles, you should provide protection for your Huawei device with the best antivirus for android which can be found on Google Play.

The security of your Huawei device is important. not only from viruses but also from overheating, A large number of malicious applications on sites, and even on Google Play, Unsafe sites for visiting on mobile devices, Protect your device against loss or theft. and scanning the device for viruses that have come from SD-cards or other sources, so, If you want to keep your device completely safe, then you definitely need the best antivirus for Huawei phone.

Download Huawei Antivirus APP

1. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

  • The simple and intuitive interface.
  • Protect applications with a fingerprint scanner.
  • Access to all functions is free.
  • Works quickly does not load the system and do not require configuration.
  • No subscriptions and licenses are required to buy.
  • Check your Huawei device for viruses once or twice a month.

DOWNLOAD Bitdefender Free Antivirus ON GOOGLE PLAY

2. Avast Antivirus

  • Free Huawei antivirus app.
  • ads blocking and application blocking.
  • Web protection works in all browsers.
  • Check Wi-Fi network security.
  • Automatic scanning for viruses and malware.
  • Standard scanning.
  • Remote lock, clear, and notifications.
  • The ability to scan the phone’s internal and external memory.
  • Speed up the Huawei phone.
  • Full-fledged firewall for Huawei smartphones with root rights.
  • Utility for setting a PIN code for applications.
  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Blocking unwanted calls. spam calls.
  • Blacklist unknown numbers.
  • Scans and blocks malicious links.


3. Avira

  • A built-in VPN.
  • Scan the internal and external storage of your Huawei device.
  • The ability to track a lost Huawei phone on the map.
  • Blocking access to the camera and microphone.
  • Protect personal applications.
  • Anti-theft functionality.
  • Wi-Fi scanner.
  • Safe Internet surfing.
  • Low cost of premium subscriptions with advanced functionality


4. AVG Antivirus Free

  • Scanning & protection against spyware, viruses, theft, and spam.
  • Scan applications for viruses.
  • Protecting messages and applications.
  • Blacklist and block incoming calls from unknown numbers.
  • Access control for installed applications.
  • Scans the sd card and internal memory of the Huawei phone.
  • The ability to track the Huawei device through Google Maps.
  • Deleting files permanently in the Huawei phone’s memory or on the sd card.
  • Anti-Theft function.
  • Blocked applications by a pin code.
  • Find the lost Huawei smartphone through Google Maps.
  • Remote data cleaning and blocking the Huawei device.
  • Task manager, file cleaner and battery optimizer.
  • Energy-saving.


5. ESET Mobile Security

  • Tracking malware.
  • Effective Trojan Protection.
  • Protect your Huawei smartphone in case of loss or theft.
  • The ability to take photos from both cameras and remotely delete data.
  • Protecting applications from third-party access with a pin code or fingerprint.
  • Scanning of the file system, internal memory, and sd card.
  • Anti-theft.
  • Protection against dangerous sites.
  • Tech support.
  • Check permissions for installed apps
  • Call Filter.

6. Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Available in paid and free versions.
  • The virus database is being updated quickly.
  • Runs in the background, not loading the resources of the Huawei phone.
  • Blocking unwanted calls and SMS.
  • Scanner and malware blocker.
  • Blocking dangerous sites.
  • Scan files and messages.
  • Detect fresh viruses. 
  • Ability to control through Huawei Wear.
  • Anti-Theft Function (search for a Huawei device in case of loss or theft).

DOWNLOAD Kaspersky Internet Security ON GOOGLE PLAY

7. McAfee Mobile Security

  • Works on Huawei phones or tablets.
  • The one-touch scan starts.
  • Scan the Huawei device and detect spyware.
  • Take photos of a potential Huawei phone thief.
  • Anti-Theft function (send information with the location of the Huawei device before it is discharged to the cloud).   
  • Remote blocking, cleaning and searching for a stolen Huawei device.
  • Protects in real-time.
  • Cloud Scan.


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