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Bypass FRP all Huawei Devices Android 9.0 Pie without Talkback


Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature on Android devices with Lollipop and higher, it helps you keep your data safe if your Huawei mobile is lost or stolen, It’s a good thing that makes the stolen phone harder to use, but sometimes you can’t remember the Google Account information, and you need to access your Huawei device, Every phone, every system, and every android version has a certain way of Bypass Google FRP lock problem, Here’s How to Bypass FRP all Huawei Devices Android 9.0 Pie without Talkback.

How to Disable and Enable FRP (Factory Reset Protection):

If you have a Google account set up on your Huawei device, then FRP is active to your phone. To disable FRP, you just have to remove your Google account.

To Remove a Google account:

  • Go to Settings ==> Accounts ==> Google.
  • Then choose the added Google account.
  • Find Remove account by clicking the icon on the top right corner.

To add a Google account:

  • Go to Settings ==> Accounts ==> Add an account ==> Google.
  • Then enter the email and password of your account.

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How to Bypass FRP all Huawei without Talkback

  • Connect your Huawei mobile to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Restart your Huawei device.
  • Click on Emergency Call.
  • Enter this code: *#*#1357946#*#*

  • The Settings page appears.
  • Swipe from the left and tab on Setting Home.

  • From the Setting menu choose Security & Privacy.
  • Then tab on Lock screen password.

  • Set up a new Pin code then tap on OK.
  • Restart your Huawei mobile and complete the setup process.

  • Finally, verify the Pin code, and You have successfully Bypass FRP all Huawei Devices Android 9.0 Pie without Talkback.

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  1. Can someone help me here! I already tried all those tutos but nothing seems to be working for me. Im stuck at this **This device is acciated with Huawei ID (188….6032). Enter the password for this account to activatethe device.** No Google account just this Huawei account

  2. Eu tenho um Huawei honor 20 tem Huawei ID, já tentei todos os códigos mais não funcionou
    Preciso de ajuda para este problema

  3. i have same problem when it terms in my P20 Lite, it’s really hard to find a solution for the latest security update,. talkback, safemode and *#*#1357946#*#* this method is not working also. hope to have a solution for this issue, thanks.

  4. i have media pad t3 when im doing emergency call no swipe setting only display the serial number and product idand then nothing happen how i solve this pls

  5. I have honor pad5 8inch display. I want to bypass frp lock how can i do that? Can anyone help me? Please please help me…


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